# Netmore (Blink)

# About

Netmore:s LoRa service (formerly Blink) is integrated using the LoRa-manager. The integration can decode MQTT data packages from Netmore and convert it into functions and devices as needed.

# Configuration

# Exporting data

To export the data from Netmore the exporter must be set on the device settings. The option Value Export need to be set to Default ActiveMQ. The integration software in the platform also need credentials for connection to the Netmore server. It can use either a username/password combination of a user or a pre-made API account that can be requested from Netmore support.

# Selecting installation(s) for a device

It is possible to connect one sensor in Netmore to one or several installations. This is done using the Tags configuration for the device. These are found on the bottom of the device configuration page. The tag used to control the destination installation(s) is called lynx_client_ids and should be a comma-separated list of Client-ID:s in the platform.

# Selecting a specific decoder

It is possible to specify a specific named decoder for a sensor directly from Netmore. This might be needed if the sensor decoder can not be determined automatically. To do this, add a tag called lynx_decoder_name on the device in Netmore. This tag can be added to all devices. Please refer to the manufacturer list for the names of the decoders.

# Example

This is an example of a device with the decoder name and installations tags set.