# Chirpstack

# About

The Chirpstack integration is used to connect LoRa gateways into the IoT Open platform. The gateways then handle sensor values from all LoRa sensors in an area.

This integration is managed by the IoT Open team.

# Configuration

# Selecting installation(s) for a device

The Chirpstack integration is set up to handle connecting a single LoRa-sensor to one or more installations. This is done by adding a tag called lynx_client_ids as a tag on the device. This is a comma separated list of client-IDs in IoT Open that this device should be connected to. The software automatically adds DeviceX and FunctionX objects for all defined values to those installations.

# Selecting a specific decoder

It is possible to specify a specific named decoder for a sensor in Chirpstack. This might be needed if sensor type can not be determined automatically. To do this, add a tag called lynx_decoder_name on the device in Chirpstack. This tag can be added to all devices. Please refer to the manufacturer list for the names of the decoders.

This is an example of a device with the decoder name tag set.