# Background

The LORIX One gateway us a LoRaWan Gateway. It listens for LoRa radio traffic and forwards it to a LoRa Server. It works very well with the IoT Open LoRaWan integration.

This is a quick installation guide. The full documentation can be found here (opens new window).

# Prerequisites

  • A LORIX One gateway from IoT Open or partner
  • A computer connected to the same network as the gateway

# Getting started

The LORIX OS has a simple-to-use web based configuration tool. It is very well documented and reading the guide (opens new window) should get you started.

Here we only describes how to configure the connection to IoT Open.

# Configure the packet forwarder

IoT Open currently supports two packet forwarders. That is the UDP packet forwarder and the LoRa Basic Station packet forwarder.

When possible we recommend the LoRa Basic Station packet forwarder.

# Parameters

# Basic Station

Address: lbs.iotopen.se
Port: 443
Secured TLS connection: ON
Use certificate file: Upload this file
Client authentication: OFF


# UDP Packet forwarder

The UDP Packet forwarder is configured by edit the config file in the web based GUI. The following parameters needs to be changed.

server_address: lorawan.iotopen.se
serv_port_up: 1700
serv_port_down: 1700

These can be set in either the local or global conf. Below is some images showing the configuration.

udppacketforwarder1 udppacketforwarder2