# Cisco IXM - Common Packet Forwarder

# Background

The Cisco IXM is a LoRaWAN Gateway. It listens for LoRa radio traffic and forwards it to a LoRa Server.

This is a quick installation guide. The full documentation can be found here (opens new window) .

There is also a lot of information from the Chirpstack project here (opens new window).

# Configuration of gateway

# Network connection

By default, the gateway uses DHCP. The following commands can be run to set a static IP.


configure terminal
interface FastEthernet 0/1
ip address

ip default-gateway

# Activate Radios

Run the following commands.

configure terminal
no radio off

Verify that the radio is on in the status message.

show radio

Activate the GPS

configure terminal
gps ubx enable

# Save changes for boot

copy running-config startup-config

# Common Package forwarder (CPF)

First you need a USB memory stick with the certificate to verify the server. You can download it here (opens new window). Save it in the root folder of the USB drive and put it in the IXM.

Then run the following commands:

configure terminal

usb enable
common-pack-forwarder cert install srv usb:iotopen.ca.crt
usb disable

common-packet-forwarder profile
antenna 1 omni gain 4.3 loss 0.1
gps enable
ipaddr lbs.iotopen.se port 443
cpf enable
copy running-config startup-config