# Module types

Lynx is built up with modules to handle communication with different external systems and protocols. These pages describe some details about different modules and their behavior.

There are three main types of modules that is used in Lynx. Managers, integrations and internal modules.

# Manager

A manager module is used to connect external systems into Lynx. The module manages devices and functions in the platform, is responsible for creating them etc.

# Integration

An integration module is used to connect Lynx to external systems for further processing of data. The module usually scans functions and devices for data that is marked to be exported in the system. Data sent on MQTT for these functions might be exported in bulk or sent as realtime information to other systems.

# Internal modules

An internal module is some software that handles a specific task inside the main Lynx platform. These modules can be to support a subset of data exposure, handle internal events or receivers for a specific protocol.