# Mielesight LoRa gateway

The Milesight UG63, UG65 and UG67 is LoRaWan Gateways. They listen for LoRa radio traffic and forwards it to a LoRa Server. It works very well with IoT Open and the LoRaWan integration.

In this guide we use the UG65 for reference. For more information please see the Milesight webpage (opens new window).

# Connection and local settings

The Milesight UG65 has a web-interface for local configuration. To set up a new unit from scratch, power it up and connect to it via the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. The gateway have a SSID named Gateway_ + the last charachters in the MAC address.


When connected, browse to


You can find the default username and password printed on the back of the unit.

# Packet Forwarder

To send the LoRa traffic to the IoT Open platform, you need to set up a Packet Forwarder.


There are two packet forwarders that you can use, the Semtech Common Packet Forwarder and the newer Basic Station.

For Semtech see Milesight Semtech.

Regarding Basic Station, the guide is not yet finalized. If you are in a hurry, don't hesitate to contact us.