# Schedules

# Summary

The schedules are a great way to do repeated tasks at specified times. Configuration of the schedules is done by specifying the topic and value to send at specified time. Each schedule is limited to one value, for one topic at a single time. Two schedules need to be created to do an on/off for a light. Schedules can be executed by different executors specified by name.

# Format

The format for schedules is based on the CRON (opens new window) format.

# Executors

When an executor is specified it is up to the executor to load only schedules with their name set. This allows for dynamic control of other software using the schedule data in the platform. Some executors are provided by the platform but there might be others that are added by third party integrators.

The following executors are provided on the platform.

# edge_client

The connected edge client for this installation is responsible for executing the schedule. Nothing will be executed if an edge client is not connected. The edge client saves downloaded schedule and executes them even when offline.

# server

Schedules with this executor name will automatically be executed in the backend. This means that the schedule will be executed by the server and an internet connection is required for local device control.