# Metadata

Metadata is added to many object to specify either common or system specific parameters. Some meta-data parameters are shared between systems, such as defining a name. Other metadata is specific to a 3:rd party system. Often namespaced with the system name and a dot.

Metadata is defined as a key-value store for information. Both keys and values are always strings.

Metadata exists in two different parts of an object, the normal metadata exist on a key called meta and then there is some special metadata in the key protected_meta described below.

At the moment the following data objects have meta and protected meta.

  • Function
  • Device
  • Installation
  • Organization
  • Installation

# Protected meta

Protected metadata works in the same way as normal meta-data but requires additional permissions to read and manipulate.

Protected meta-data is not readably by the gateway either for security reasons.

Note: Protected meta is exposed as another key in the data-models. Searching for only meta is not recommended.