# Lynx Frontend

# 1.7.0

# Features

  • Added clusters of data for overview maps
  • Added spinner while loading assigned users on installation
  • Possible to filter in function log
  • Added Column selection for Device Function List
  • Added button to Copy roles
  • Made it possible to view and change the parent for Organizations
  • Replace Organization selection with Tree-view in several places
  • Added a new Overview page for Users
  • Added custom render icons for Metric-monitor reported errors
  • Added validation of Cron fields for schedules
  • Added a filter in Installation History based on meta-data
  • Added quick actions to File List

# Bugfixes

  • Topic is translated to topic-key in function log view
  • Applied new formatter for function values
  • Applied correct styling for Edge App Repeater fields
  • Automatically scroll-to-top when creating new API-Keys
  • Possible to edit and view schedules for deleted functions
  • Auto collapse branches in tree view when others are opened
  • Made Meta editor fields wider
  • Made some forms wider
  • Minor spelling fixes
  • Optimized last-value fetching for big installations
  • Remove redundant page headings
  • Hide replace file of no edit permission
  • Tweaked color for Markdown Editor in light theme
  • Fixed a security issue related to the Markdown editor/display of Edge App description

# 1.6.0

  • Added column selection to all tables*
  • Added support for dark-mode*
  • Added add function button in device function list
  • Fixed a bug where editing roles would result in an empty form
  • Fixed padding in some tree-structure views
  • Fixed permission checks for many buttons and navigation items
  • Change to clickable names in edge app instance table
  • Show organization ancestors in overview
  • Tweaks in the layout of the Oauth2 Client form
  • Added possibility to format each type of topic separately with ex. format_write meta key.
  • Added address to user registration page. Country is mandatory
  • Color each topic with a new color in function log
  • Fix for uploading picture in the device form
  • Propagate page object selection based on permissions

* If missing somewhere, please contact us

# 1.5.1

  • Fixed loading indicator for User sub-pages
  • Fixed so that users may always create their own tokens
  • Fixed position for add buttons in organization sub-pages
  • Fixed loading indicator for Installation sub-pages
  • Reorder Quick-range options
  • Fixed validation of Notification Output form
  • Fixed navigation to register pages when not signed in
  • Fixed graph fetching all data for time range
  • Fixed navigating to reset-password page when not signed in

# 1.5.0

# Bugfixes:

  • Fix always having horizontal scroll
  • Hide brackets for missing translations (configurable)
  • Fixes for date selectors in log/graph views
  • Include notes when creating installation
  • Format timestamps according to user language
  • Small fix for "Assign to me" in installation settings
  • Updated and added quick-ranges to date-selector
  • Fix for filter when organization list is in tree view
  • Fixes for state matching in Schedule forms
  • Tweaks for sidebar navigation on mobile devices
  • Tweaks in delete organization modal
  • Word-break for long table-column data
  • Always expand sidebar to the footer
  • Display all topics in function values
  • Fix for uppercase password matching
  • Tweaks for installation location fetching
  • Display error when country is not selected
  • Autofocus on OK button in confirmation modals
  • Updated icon for delete buttons
  • Move add-buttons to more logical place

# Features:

  • Added overview items to start-page
  • Added possibility to download Edge App Lua code
  • Added pagination for all tables
  • Possible to use defaults in repeat for edge app forms
  • Show installation ID in installation selection modal
  • Move some settings in installations
  • Show organizations in installations list
  • Added pages to admin MQTT blacklist
  • Add button to expand/collapse all in tree views
  • Added more parameters to organization profile
  • Possible to assign user to installation in installation settings
  • Added an optional (in configuration) registration page for users
  • Added tree view for installations list
  • Added tree view for users list
  • Added notification help URL
  • Added filter to user-organizations selection
  • Use JSON-patch (copy, delete, move) in Propagate
  • Added pages to edit OAuth2 clients
  • Added OAuth2 authentication
  • Added test action for notification outputs
  • Added propagation for several changes in metadata-editor from all objects
  • Added a page for realtime MQTT, with send possibility
  • Added page in organization to show all available apps
  • Added pages to manage security (password, API-key) of other users (requires permission)
  • Added better filters for edge-app browsing
  • Show created/updated timestamps for functions/devices

# 1.4.1

# Bugfixes:

  • Better validation of create user form
  • Small tweaks and fixes for 2FA sign in
  • Fix for propagate and trace not working for functions
  • Focus on input field in modals when they open

# 1.4.0

# Features

  • Available edge apps can now be viewed as a list
  • Added more date/time quick ranges
  • Available edge apps are now filterable
  • Trace logs context info is now more informative
  • Possible to view organization list as a tree
  • Added run action for edge app publisher on all versions of the app
  • Object selector for trace and propagate now have filters
  • Schedule list now tries to find the matching functions name
  • Fixed link to tech pages for notification templating help

# Bugfixes

  • Match states if existing for schedule edit
  • Minor tweaks for notification output selection in edge app config
  • Tweaks for permission check in some menus and cards
  • Make organization mandatory for create installation form
  • Unknown users in trace logs are not clickable
  • Schedule form enables topic input if no function is selected
  • Smaller layout fixes for tables

# 1.3.0

# Features

  • Let users with expired password set a new one on login
  • Handle form repeat for Edge App Config form
  • Added side menu for mobile navigation
  • Date pickers now also have time selection
  • The edge app instance table now has delete as a quick action
  • Some complicated pages has been split into several tabs
  • It is now possible to search and display the traceability logs
  • Added buttons to copy Gateway credentials

# Bugfixes:

  • Fix for expired user account always being checked on new user creation
  • Fix for collapsing menu after click on mobile
  • Navigate to correct page when adding user from organization
  • Fix for flickering layer control in Map views
  • Fixed admin link to edit an executor
  • Smaller fixes for device selector in edge app config
  • Small fixes for text inputs in edge app configuration (allow 0 in number and not displaying as hints)

# 1.2.0


  • Improvements for showing organization tree based on user organizations
  • Simplified setting position using phone
  • Added categories for role editor
  • Added a filter in function multi select for edge app config
  • Added form fields for setting User account expiration
  • Added form fields for setting Organizations max password age
  • Added edge app description next to the form
  • Added a bigger Map page for installation

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes for meta propagate page crashes
  • Fix for zoom level in Organization Map
  • Fix for function links in pinned functions
  • Tweaks for navigation sidebar
  • Fixes for formatting functions values that would sometimes fail
  • Fixes for single selector in Edge app config
  • Fixes for multi selector in Edge app config
  • Fix for remove device with functions when no functions existed
  • Disable email change for users

# 1.1.1

  • Small fixes for the manifest file
  • Support for value selection (for multi-select) in edge app config form
  • Small translation fixes
  • Fix for propagate and infinite loops fetching data
  • Left navigation now have a max-width

# 1.1.0


  • Changed search to filter for all tables (table data is filtered by properties or meta)
  • Add quick-actions for rows
  • Notes shown on installation list
  • Add a view with organization overview
  • Implemented a proper language switcher with state-saving
  • Implemented Custom URL in installation overview loaded from installation meta-data

Bug fixes:

  • Handle unknown roles when editing user
  • Fix for removing installation from user (assignment)
  • A lot of fixes for checkboxes that made the text clickable

Other enhancements:

  • Switched to a better trash icon
  • Create organization form now show parent name
  • Updates to all 3:rd party dependencies
  • Load the CSS for bootstrap from dependencies instead of CDN
  • Fix most navigation flickers
  • Dynamically load "cards" for frontpage from server settings (supports Markdown format)
  • Fix for translations with escaped strings

# 1.0.4

  • Possible to select function and states in schedule
  • Added pin function in function-edit page
  • Fix for errors in reset password
  • Fix multi-select in edge app config form
  • Pre-populate create form when navigating from certain page
  • Possible to remove user from organization in user edit
  • Added function value selection in edge app form
  • Create user now uses org-tree browser
  • Load saved values for edge app form multi-select

# 1.0.3

  • Fix for a bug where some special characters could not be in password
  • Handle selecting value for Edge App single_function_selector (on fields specifying it in app.json)

# 1.0.2

  • Updated translations where "Gateway" is replaced with "Edge Client"
  • Fix for showing installation position even if no devices or functions have it on summary page
  • Fix navigation after creating installation

# 1.0.1

  • Fix for navigation to overview pages
  • Installation list search navigate to overview
  • Fix metadata editor width
  • Added Favicon (IoT Open Logo)
  • Remove map list of content
  • Fix for not scrolling to top on navigation from installation list
  • Fix for saving edited user
  • Pinned functions have values
  • Fixes for Create Edge App form rendering
  • Display text when no Edge apps are avalible
  • Move buttons for adding organizations/users/installations
  • Display correct file for given id

# 1.0.0

First release of the software for the public. A replacement for AAM and should have all the same features and more enhancements.