# Lynx API

# 0.15.1

  • Update empty fields for Organization PUT
  • Fix for update of Device Meta using the meta-endpoint
  • Don't allow email to be changed for users
  • Always delete previous reset password API-keys when creating new ones

# 0.15.0

# Bugfixes

  • Fix for cases where the edge-app publisher does not exist anymore
  • Fix for the schedule executor parameter

# Features

  • Added support for PKCE in Oauth2 flows
  • Added support for ID-token in Oauth2
  • Added partial OpenID discovery

# Optimizations

  • Optimized execution time for organization list
  • Optimized execution time for user list
  • Optimized execution time for installation list

# 0.14.0

# Features

  • Create trace-log entries for 403 Forbidden (Permission denied) responses
  • Added phone field for organizations
  • Store Oauth2 clients in same DB

# Bugfixes

  • Topic blacklist now returns Bad Request for malformed requests
  • Fixes for reading topic-blacklist models
  • Small fix for 2FA login attepts
  • Fix for missing notes in organizations
  • Possible to change country for organization
  • Increase organization notes length to 1024 characters

# 0.13.0

# Features:

  • Trace log for notification output send
  • Trace log for user log out
  • Trace log for role change, both user and from/to role logged
  • Support flash SMS for 2FA
  • Added support for managing API-Keys for other users (with separate permission)
  • Added support for changing other users password (with separate permission)
  • New Endpoint for roles in V3-Beta
  • Added API Endpoints to manage topic blacklist for MQTT

# 0.12.1

  • Fix for update installations with "users outside of organization tree"
  • Fix for first_name and last_name not allowing some special characters

# 0.12.0

  • Added metadata-endpoints for Installation
  • Added metadata-endpoints for Organization
  • Added metadata-endpoints for User
  • Role result is filtered by priority
  • MQTT Updated event for files in installation
  • New endpoint to get edge-apps by organization, including all available apps

# 0.11.1

  • Fix for creating edge app version
  • Added flag for meta-data API to create meta if missing on update

# 0.11.0

  • Added endpoint to delete Organization
  • Fix to always threat silent flag as a boolean
  • Fix for validation of passwords when updating for user
  • Fix for Edge App Version where versions without both app.json and app.lua could be created
  • Fix for users unable to update organization where paren was 0
  • Added new endpoints to modify meta-data directly for FunctionX and DeviceX

# 0.10.0

  • Fix trace-endpoint only gave empty results
  • Fix Organization list could wrongly return 0 as parent
  • Added silent flag to skip MQTT event publishes for API:s that can send them
  • Added bruteforce mitigations

# 0.9.0

  • Allow API Keys with 0 expiration (unlimited time)
  • Updated validators for some models
  • Security fixes for create/update installation
  • Fixed some responses for bad requests in file endpoints
  • Fix for disabling SMS login not working
  • Added validator for Edge App Version hash
  • Traceability log now has an optional actions filter
  • Fix for creating new users without password

# 0.8.0

  • Schedule model have new input validation
  • Fix for some status codes being converted to Internal Server Error
  • Fix for Create DeviceX endpoint did not return the installation ID
  • Resource strings are included in the permissions array
  • Made executor field for schedules optional
  • Possible to set serial and mac for installations as meta-data
  • Added API:s to fetch traceability log
  • Rework of all DB-Mappers to use interfaces for services
  • Added extensions for Notification endpoints to manage executors
  • Possible to filter installations on organization_id in requests
  • Added API to fetch API-Key information
  • Get list of organizations can now be filtered with meta-data
  • Allow use of X-API-Key header in logout and 2FA sign in
  • Fix bug where users without address could not log in

# 0.7.0

  • A lot of internal rework
  • A new MQTT event when installations are updated
  • Installation notes field can be left empty
  • User field requirements changed to match AAM
  • List of organizations for a user now only shows the ones that you have access to see
  • New endpoint to list all organizations for a user (with minimal option)

# 0.6.3

  • Fixed a bug for protected meta-data disappearing when updating objects

# 0.6.2

  • Fix for duplicate mobile entries for a single device
  • Fix for name fields not accepted if containing ' ' or '-'
  • Fix for GetInstallation sometime returning the same result

# 0.6.1

  • Allow updating Edge App version

# 0.6.0

# Features:

  • Added protected meta-data for all objects with meta
  • Add installation endpoints with permissions
  • Edge app description etc. can be updated by PUT

# Bugs:

  • Fixed reset gateway having multiple JSON objects in response
  • Fixed internal error when uploading files
  • No 404 response when requesting a devx/funcx that does not exist
  • Prevent circles in organization tree when updating
  • All authentication methods (bearer, X-API-Key, basic password)
  • Topic in topic-filter for status and log don't need client-id
  • Remove configured edge app when installation is removed

# 0.5.0

# Features:

  • Publish MQTT message on schedule modifications
  • Added metadata for Installations
  • Added metadata for Users
  • Added metadata for Organizations
  • Added metadata-filter to list of Installations
  • Added metadata-filter to list of Users

# Fixes:

  • Unable to update organizations with disabled SMS Login
  • Unable to update organization in request body
  • List of users having the same user more than once
  • Updating schedules work correctly again

# 0.4.0

# Features

  • New permissions for all API endpoints
  • New permissions for MQTT
  • Added a new endpoint 'ping' to check that system is up
  • Added authentication for external executors
  • Added a new endpoint 'MQTT Publish' to use HTTP(s) to publish an MQTT message
  • Added endpoint in 'auth' to reset password
  • Added a new endpoint for user registration
  • Added a new endpoint to set password (after password reset)
  • Added a new endpoint to set a new password for an authenticated user
  • Added a new endpoint to manage gateway registration policy
  • Added a new endpoint to manage user registration policies
  • Added a new endpoint to handle file upload and storage

Note: Since new permissions have been added for the API any roles not created by the system needs to be updated.

# 0.3.1

  • Bugfix for malformed Content-Type header in outgoing requests (notification executor).

# 0.3.0

# Features

  • ClientID is not required while filtering for topics in log and status endpoints
  • The metadata key and value field can now be longer
  • Notification executors can have an optional authentication

# Bugs

  • Login with SMS as 2-FA works again
  • Always return Unauthorized even when user does not exists
  • Permissions returns correct allow value
  • Fixed the topic for devicex-updated
  • Users (non admin) should now get a list containing only that user

# 0.2.2

  • Fixes for Mobile

# 0.2.1

  • Added get parameter to show only assigned installations in installationinfo
  • Only check app permissions if not public

# 0.2.0

# Features

  • Updated database library to version 2.0
  • Support for new notification concept
  • Full support for 2FA with SMS
  • Added validation for edge apps, functionx and devicex in update and create request
  • Support for Gateways to register itself
  • New endpoint to create empty installations
  • Optimizations for filtering of functionx and devicex

# Bugs

  • Proper response (400) if edge app version name is used again
  • System administrator could not assign all permissions
  • User endpoint should also handle roles for users
  • Some error messages have been clarified
  • Check version existence for edge app configuration

# v0.1.4

  • Bugfix for Status endpoint not including msg from MQTT payload

# v0.1.3

  • Added new endpoints to manage Roles

# v0.1.2

  • Bugfix for installationinfo endpoints for admin accounts
  • Update Oauth2 provider libs
  • Admins are now allowed to use FunctionX And DeviceX for all installations in their organizations
  • Status API available for gateways

# v0.1.1

  • Added possibility to get all Installations for Admins in InstallationInfo
  • finalized work on Edge App endpoints
  • Filter InstallationInfo by organization_id
  • Applied hotfixes from 0.0.3-hotfix1 and 0.0.3-hotfix2

# v0.1.0

  • Added API Endpoint for Users and Organizations
  • All API Endpoints for Edge apps has been finalized

# 0.0.3-hotfix2

  • Secured type conversion to string for msg

# 0.0.3-hotfix1

  • Convert all types in msg from insflux to strings