# Background

There are several KNX (opens new window) device vendors and well working sensors and actuators on the market that can be connected to Lynx. KNX is a ISO standard (International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) as well as a European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and EN ISO 22510) and is often the best choice for building automation and high profile home automation projects. Lynx Edge Software suit includes a driver for communication with KNX devices which give customers fast and secure communication with the devices, also from the cloud. There are thousands of high quality KNX products that can be connected to Lynx.

Below are a list of some device vendors that is supported in Lynx today and that IoT Open are aware customers are using in the field. The interoperability is well working, so it is up to the customer to mix KNX devices from any vendor.

# Example Manufacturers

# ABB (opens new window)

# Berker (opens new window)

# BUSCH JEAGER (opens new window)

# GIRA (opens new window)

# Hager (opens new window)

# Jung (opens new window)

# MDT (opens new window)

# Schneider (opens new window)

# Siemens (opens new window)

# Steinel (opens new window)

# Theben (opens new window)

# Zennio (opens new window)

For a complete list of compatible vendors, see the official KNX Manufacturers list (opens new window)